Welcome to the informational website hosted by the M. Stanley Ryan Unit.  This nonprofit organization consists of parliamentarians in Richmond and surrounding counties in Virginia, USA.  Our parliamentary mission is to serve the general public by developing skills for conducting well run, efficient business meetings based on Robert’s Rules of Order.

There are three parliamentary groups in Richmond, Virginia, under the umbrella of the Virginia State Association of Parliamentarians (VSAP) and the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP).

  • The M. Stanley Ryan Unit,
  • The Virginia Dalton and Eloise Engeldove Unit (VDEER), and
  • The Parliamentary Law Club of Richmond.

All of the parliamentary groups welcome you to visit our meetings and special events to learn more about parliamentary procedure and the universally acknowledged “gold standard” for meeting rules, “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised”.  Please explore this site to learn more about our upcoming meetings, special events, and tools to help people work together better.