The genesis, the coming into being, of the M. Stanley Ryan Unit of Parliamentarians began on December 11, 1974 at the Thomas Jefferson High School in Richmond, Virginia with the adoption and signing of the following resolution to form a unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians.

Whereas, Some members and former members of the J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College Basic Course in Parliamentary Procedure desire to continue their studies so as to increase their knowledge and skills in the application of the principles of parliamentary law; and

Whereas, These individuals further desire to qualify themselves to practice, teach, or serve as parliamentarians to deliberative bodies; and

Whereas, The National Association of Parliamentarians, through the instrumentality of a locally organized unit, offers the opportunity for advanced study and accords recognition to individuals who qualify and meet its standard of excellence by certifying them as registered parliamentarians of the Association; therefore be it

Resolved, That we, as charter members, whose names appear below, organize a local parliamentary unit and petition the National Association of Parliamentarians to affiliate the unit as a division of the Virginia State Association of Parliamentarians in accordance with Article III, Section 5, of the National Association’s bylaws.

The unit was chartered, with the 11 members, on April 11, 1975. At the time of chartering, Col. M. Stanley Ryan, the founding president, was the only registered member. Of the other charter members, six went on to become registered parliamentarians or professional registered parliamentarians. – Excerpt from the “History of the National Association of Parliamentarians”

The M. Stanley Ryan Unit of parliamentarians was founded by M. Stanley Ryan. His book is out of print but maybe can be found for cheap, used, on Amazon:

M. Stanley Ryan Unit Charter Members

  • Mr. John W. Bridgeman*
  • Mrs. Pauline Evansha*
  • Mr. Paul A. Jacobi*
  • Mr. H. Clen Johnson*
  • Mrs. Katherine F. Johnson*
  • Mrs. Doris E. Kean*
  • Mr. Arthur L. Merkle*
  • Mrs. Malpha M. Ryan*
  • Col. M. Stanley Ryan*
  • Mr. Rex F. Tillotson*
  • Mr. Stran L. Trout*

M. Stanley Ryan Unit Past Presidents

  • Col. M. Stanley Ryan 1974-1976*
  • Mr. Paul Jacobi*
  • Mrs. Doris E. Kean*
  • Mrs. Malpha M. Ryan*
  • Mrs. Katherine F. Johnson*
  • Mr. Theodore M. Conte
  • Dr. Emory Thomas
  • Mr. Thaddeus T. Mudd*
  • Mrs. Randolph Green*
  • Mr. Dennis G. Merrill
  • Mr. Alan T. Knowles
  • Mr. Larry J. Prickett
  • Mr. Paul A. Jacobi*
  • Mr. David L. Avery
  • Mrs. Annie Thornton* (2021)
  • Mrs. Jonnie Smith
  • Mr. Nelson Negaard*
  • Mrs. Phyllis Booth
  • Mrs. Marian Martin
  • Mr. Fred Vann Jr.
  • Mrs. Pat Ryan Ashlaw*
  • Mrs. Rhiannon Liker
  • Mrs. Marian Martin
  • Mrs. Sala Powell-Dabney
  • Florence Taylor

About M. Stanley Ryan

Based in Richmond, Virginia, M. Stanley Ryan was a professional registered parliamentarian with the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP). He was also a certified professional parliamentarian with the American Institute of Parliamentarians. He was a consultant, lecturer, and instructor of parliamentary procedure – one of the few to hold a certificate of proficiency as an accredited teacher for NAP. In addition to the M. Stanley Ryan unit, he also was a founder and past president of the Virginia Alpha Unit of Registered Parliamentarians. He was selected to write the fifth of six educational television programs aired by the NAP on national TV! He was chairman of the committee that rewrote the parliamentary law training manual for Toastmasters International. He also wrote a book “Parliamentary Procedure: Essential Principles” which is currently out of print. He was an Army officer and married with one daughter, Patricia Ryan Ashlaw, an active member of the M. Stanley Ryan unit who served admirably as a parliamentarian until her passing.