February is for doers!

Our next meeting is Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 6:30 PM via Zoom.

Educational Sessions will include both Basic and Advanced Breakout

Basic Session Topic: “So, You’re Going to a Meeting” Robert’s Rules of Order In Brief, Chapters 5, 6, and 7

Presented by: Rhiannon Liker, RP


Presented by: Archer Dabney, Sala Powell-Dabney, and Gerard Dabney, Sr.

7.1 Know the meaning of and how to calculate a majority vote,
a two-thirds vote, a majority of the entire membership, and a
majority of the fixed membership as explained in RONR (12th
ed.) 44:1–3, 44:5–6, and 44:9(b), including 44:9(bn1).

7.2 Understand the two elements that define the bases for
determining a voting result given in that define RONR (12th ed.)
44:7–8, and 44:9(bn1) and identify what is required to modify
the default bases as described in RONR (12th ed.) 44:10

7.3 Know the meaning of and how to calculate a plurality vote
as explained in RONR (12th ed.) 44:11.

7.4 Know and explain the effect of a tie vote, and the rules concerning
the chair’s participation in voting in RONR (12th ed.) 44:12–13.

7.5 Know and identify the rights and obligations in voting, and the rule
regarding straw polls, described in RONR (12th ed.) 45:1–2, 45:6-8, and

7.6 Know and explain the rules concerning abstention and voting on
questions affecting oneself in RONR (12th ed.) 4:35 (last two
sentences), and 45:3–5.