Leaders and Educators in Effective Meetings

M. Stanley Ryan Unit Meeting (Zoom)

Virtual through Zoom

Our next meeting is Wednesday, November 16, 2022 via Zoom. There will be two breakout sessions, our regular Advance Education Session, which will cover “Voting Basics and Standards & Alternative Methods” and our Basic Education Session, which will cover “The importance of rules”, How decisions are made at a meeting”, and “Handling Motions and Debate” as outlined in RONRIB. Advance […]

Parliamentary Procedure Bootcamp and Membership Workshop

Virtual through Zoom

Click HERE to Register Would you like to have smoother and more effective meetings or become a better club member or officer? No matter what your level of understanding parliamentary procedure may be, the Northern Virginia Marching and Gavel Society (NOVAMAGS) unit can help enhance that level. NOVAMAGS is conducting a parliamentary workshop of two […]

M. Stanley Ryan Unit (Zoom)

Virtual through Zoom

Business meeting followed by basic and advanced educational sessions!


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